Ecotour is a 6 country partnership dealing with ecotourism both in the educational and professional fields. Being ecotourism a new touristic trend, the increasing interest in tourism in the rural areas, together with the growing consciousness in ecological matters, our tasks and final aims are about matching the needs of the labour market in the sector with the professional competences and qualifications acquired at school.

Our main objective is to provide the educational system with learning units within the ECVET framework for validation, recognition and evaluation which can be common in all EU countries. And as illustration of that, a series of case studies are going to be analysed in order to provide good practice examples. We will build a network of people with an increasing expertise, so that it will be possible to design training plans as part of a tourist or agricultural education or course.

The new needs in this field should encourage educational institutions to work together with local and international partners to maximise the economic effects in the most sustainable way and to lead to a better understanding of the issues.