On this page I have grouped a number of unanswered questions and queries for information. If you have any information on these subjects, please send me an e-mail.

  1. General call for pictures
    For a new book about the history of aircraft armament, we are looking for pictures of aircraft gun installations: Fixed guns, flexible guns, turrets, sights, boresighting diagrams... Such pictures would be most welcome. Of course credit for the pictures will be given in the book. We can also pay for costs of duplication, mailing, etc.

  2. Grumman F9F with Aero nose turret
    A single F9F is reported to have flown with an Aero 17B nose turret containing four .50" guns. I am looking for details and pictures of this unusual installation.

  3. Gebauer GKM
    Does anyone have information on the Hungarian Danuvia-Gebauer GKM, an engine-driven, synchronised gun? Reportedly used on Hungarian CR.32s, the MAVAG Heja II, and maybe some other aircraft. There appear to have been publications about this gun in Hungarian, but that is a language I am wholly unfamiliar with.

  4. Document Where can I get this: An Evaluation of Defensive Measures Taken to Protect Heavy Bombers from Loss and Damage (published November 1944, 520.520a, AFHRA) ?

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