The EsTõnushing fan club

How it started

In 1999 we attended a number of concerts conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste. These were so impressive that we decided to attend all concerts within reach. Little by little we got to know Tõnu Kaljuste better as a great person and true friend.

Enthusiasm is infectious

Friends become fans and fans become friends.The group has expanded and counts now over 20 members including people from Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and Canada.
We are all friends enchanted by Tõnu Kaljuste's interpretation, conducting style and personality.

The Logo 'EsTõnushing'

We created a T-shirt with heading 'EsTõnushing Concerts' as a first present to Tõnu. Not knowing what reaction to expect, we were extremely well rewarded. Tõnu seems to be very pleased and even wears the T-shirt! This is a milestone for the fan club and Tõnu's friendship.
As such, EsTõnushing has become our logo that evokes a memory of the early start with a heartwarming feeling. Read also Rakvere, Paide and Hasselt


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