Free Golf Scorer

For PDA or smartphone


Also sick of broken pencils, wet scorecards?
- would like to know your intermediate score?
- extra strokes you get on the current hole?
- or distance to FRONT green (New!)
- you want to keep the rounds you played in one place?
- would like to compare and analyze your scores?
- you don't like to change glasses to mark your score?
etc ...    

And because it's for FREE! Just don't forget to email me your course files to be shared with others.

Interested? Then ...

Download Flight Golf Scorer (FGS). It offers:
- Easy score tracking using big arrow buttons on the screen.
- Easy flight and course selection.
- Easy round saving for all players separately.
- Playmode selection between strokeplay and stableford.
- Calculates your extra strokes in stableford.

What you need ...

- Windows Mobile based PDA or smartphone
- Windows Mobile 2003 or above.
- .NET CF 2.0 or above. (most Windows Mobile devices have this embedded, if not it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website)
- Microsoft ActiveSync® or Windows Mobile Center® (came with your PDA or phone or can be downloaded from Microsoft)

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