Michel Steins,F.N. Oldtimer motorcycles: 1902-1965.
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                                   Welcome to the "F.N." Motorcycle History. 

                                                                          This site deals with all FN motorcycle models from the early years,

                                                                            Starting in 1902, trough the end of production in 1965.





A brand NEW book about the "full history of FN on wheels" will leave from October 2013, so please found the information to order your copy of the 800 pages thick book from the writer of the book "Quand la FN avait des roues "by Guy De Becker.






              Some extracts out of the book so you got an idea what it contains about FN Bikes-bicycles-cars-truck and so more....





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                      !!!!!Please check first the list form the records, they got not all serial numbers from all the models made;

 from the first range ( FN 1902-1911) there are not many left over. "Sorry WO 1 has destroyed the records".


                        ""Please ask them only for your copy of the serial number, I could supply the manuals who I've got in my FN collection"".


                          Please found the list of serial numbers/models:         






        NEW FN STORY: Overhauling the  FN M67  Engine !!!!!


    and a update to Balance your cranckshaft FN m90 !!!!

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       FN Collection Jacques.   



To tune up my "FN motorcycle engine" such as rebuilding crankshaft or making a piston or rebuilding and making new valves I work with:

                            SOSMOTOPARTS in Belgium    the number "ONE" for you're motorcycle. 


                How to  Rebuild a clutch FN M 70.       How to TUNE UP +REPLICA   FN parts.                                 

Last update:       Restoration of a FN  bicycle with chain by WET DOG Publication in the USA.



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