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         Special information about the restoration of a engine for a FN M 67:


            This information is delivered by Mister Daniel Schweikert from Germany and owner of one beauty of an FN the M 67.


                 Contact Mister Daniel: d(.)schweikert (@)gmx.de    please due lot of spam change the (.) and the (@)



          1 You start with the Owner manual so you got an idea about the bike: the PDF file "M 67 Owner Manual"

          2 Here you see the pdf about all step to open the engine:      Click on the picture to open the file.


          3 And now we go to the gearbox of the M 67 : 


          4 The FN m67 got a old style oil pump Pilgrim or..... here more information:


          5 There is also a Magneto to check please the information:


          6 Now we are going to rebuild the engine to run:


          7 Other information from Daniel about his restauration of his M67:    and 


          Daniel spuplied also a "Sparkplug" sheet about the conversion between 14mm and the old style 18 mm plug "Sparkplug".


          And as a bonus: i put this extra in the form of a "How to.."= Adjusting the timing of your Ignition on a NSU Max.