Michel Steins,F.N. Oldtimer motorcycles: 1902-1965.
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The first part of the F.N. Motorcycle History 1902-24.

1898....   FN starts to build chain-driven bicycles and also the famous "Chainless bicycle" called "Acatene" in French.
1901-02 Still a bicycle but with an added "Clip-on" engine of 133 cc
1903-04   The FN engines grow from 133 cc to 188 cc but are still belt driven. An option is the added magneto, otherwise the ignition occurs from limited battery power.
1905- The first FN "Four" cylinder is born with a 362 cc engine delivering 3 HP.  It was shaft driven but had no gears.  
1906-09   Bigger engine from 412 cc; with clutch and no gears and like always shaft driven the way FN counters pulley slip in rainy weathers.


1907 Single cylinder 224cc and endless transmission by pulley.  
1910-12   FN Single-cylinder with clutch and 2-speed gearbox with shaft-drive like all models.
1910-12 FN Four engines grow to 498 cc, delivering 5HP.  Still no gearbox is issued with the Fours  
1912-13   A small 2-speed gearbox is added at the rear of the shaft drive not behind the engine as in conventional ways.
1913-14 The single cylinder is enlarged to 285 cc and is now called the Model 285. It is still shaft driven with a gear box.
1913-14   The Model 700 is introduced and features a 748 cc engine delivering 7 HP. It is the first Four with a 3-speed gearbox behind the engine.  Note on the photographs that the engine is bigger and heavier then the earlier 1905 lightweight models.
1919-23 The engine of the model 700 is enlarged to 748 cc and becomes the model 750T with a 3-speed gearbox.  It is powerful enough for sidecar use.

1921-22   The single cylinder bikes are updated and become the Model 285T and 285TT. The T model has the carburetor on the side of the cylinder and the TT in the back like on modern bikes
1924-25 The shaft drive of the Fours is replaced by the more economical chain drive. These have brakes on the rims. We now enter the period of the "M" models like the M50, a 750 cc "Four".  

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