Michel Steins,F.N. Oldtimer motorcycles: 1902-1965.
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The F.N.History from the M60 up to the M12 .

1924-25 M 60 350cc OVER HEAD VALVES (OHV) with brake rims and with sports ( tinny tyres) or Comfort with fat big 714x115 tyres.
1926 M 67 A a 5OOcc OHV powerfully bike still with brake rims.  
1927 The M70 350 SIDE VALVE (SV) was born easy build engine with big side flywheel, and tank between tubes of the frame like M 60
1928 M 70 still fuel tank between tubes (called in French Entre Tubes) but this time with better drum type brakes.  
1929   M70 got now a regular fuel tank not the saddle tank but better then an between 2 tubes so bigger more fuel.

M67B no tank between tubes.

1930 M 67 pushrods in a tube  
1931   A other side valve was born the M90 a 500 cc SV, and for Germany it was forbidden to called it FN so it became: B.A.M or Berliner Aachner Motorwerke( they made in Aachen the range of mid 30 FN but with BAM decals.
1932 The M 70 becomes an saddle tank and an other front fork with 2 spring of 2 little weak springs.  
1933   A special FN was build the first 2 stroke build before WO 2; build in 200 cc 2 and 3 gears and 250 cc 3gears.
1934 The M86 500cc OHV (single cylinder 2 exhausts pipes) was born and that bike stands for Speed from that FN made his famous Racers where Milhoux has won several big races.  
1935   M 86 was in single exhaust pipe a 600 cc OHV bike also used in Army and police version, and even with a side with machine gun.
1936 Last big change for the M 70 who comes now an M 71 and was as there was as option foot lever shifter instead of hand shifter.
1937 The M 11 build as 350 OHV and 500/600 SV
1938-40 The second World War was coming so FN build special bikes for army purpose such as the M 12 side 1000ccSV and the TRICAR also 1000cc  

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