Michel Steins,F.N. Oldtimer motorcycles: 1902-1965.
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Now we are after WW2 and a brand new bike is put on the market the M XIII..

1947-48   The birth of a strange bike M XIII (type 13) a 350/450 SV with a funny front fork, and rubber rear spring, also in 250-350 OHV.
1949-51 The funny front fork with springs was changed in to an even rare fork this time with 2 pair of rubber spring front and rear suspension and in 1950 FN delivers and power full 450cc OHV called the "Grand Culas" for his big cylinder head. The 450 SV was also special for the ARMY build an M XIII you find it in army or civilian version.  
1952   The M XIII receive suddenly a regular front fork this time a hydraulic version who give the bike a good riding condition the fork was from Lion Rapid in Belgium who makes them specially for FN.
1953 The M 22 175cc 2 stroke with Küchen engine  
1955   A other version of the M 22 with a 250 JLO 2stroek engine also there was a "S" 125/200 of cooperation with Sarolea Called Blue bird.
1955 Last big change for the M XIII with full hydraulic suspension front and rear. First mopped FN 50cc was build with Royal Nord.  
1959   This range of mopeds 4 different 1° a utilitaire  2° Fabrina

3°Princess 4°Rocket all 2 speeds where build only in 1959.

For the army the have something special could dropped by parachute it is the AS 24 2 stroke 250cc.

1960 In '60 after 1 year the old range FN brought out the same range but new looks and now some in 2 and 3gears and even a special Rocket called the >Competition< all those mopped where there up to '63 and then sold out to the end of the FN motorcycle times in '65.  
1962   1962 restyled Rocket and Rocket Competition.
1962-1967 Last try from Fn to give the moped something Specials was to build a scooterette and motorette both 75cc.


but those where the last build motorcycles from FN, here ends a period of powerfully bikes and FN goes further to build guns and ammunition, and more all to read in the book Ars Mechanica by FN.


A special Thank You goes to Mr. Guy Debecker, author of the book "Quand la FN avait Deux Roues".  His book was used as a guideline for the history of the great Belgian motorcycle manufacturer, FN.


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