Michel Steins,F.N. Oldtimer motorcycles: 1902-1965.
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   German B.A.M Version   200cc            and the Belgium model   200cc   


German version contains Villiers engine, with double exhaust cylinder and a separated Alboin 3 gears gearbox , also its own Villiers carburetor and

 Westinghouse ignition on a flywheel.             Here in "PDF" form the whole German article about the FN m200.


Belgium Version contains a “Block engine = all components in one such as sprockets/ crankshaft and more in one” see picture from an open m 250 3 speed engine.


The Belgium version has a Gurtner type “D” carburetor and the 200 cc has a Bosch flywheel ignition

 but the 3 speed 200 and 250 has a Bosch magneto/battery coil ignition.  


Note that the 200 cc and the 250 cc 3 speed model has only a external flywheel like the m 71.

 Michel St

Even in the book “Quand la FN avait 2 roues” is not  spoken about that model from the German Range of FN’s but called B.A.M  = Berliner (offices) Aacher (building FN's) Motorwerke. 

I own a lot of German manuals but there is not often spoken about the 2 stroke with English engine.

Most BAM’s are regular FN’s( even build in Herstal transported to Aachen approx 50 km from Herstal) with small changed details such as logo's at the tank other steering handlebar and  speedo meter and..... 


Even more I never saw a German BAM 2 stroke at any kind of jumble/rally, I think there will be probably one in live somewhere in Germany or?.

Let us hope we got the luck to see or meet ounce a running bike as the brother of the Belgium model with his small block engine what is a other story to tell.   

FN greetings Jacques owner of a m 250 3 speed 1937.