Michel Steins,F.N. Oldtimer motorcycles: 1902-1965.
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   FN replica parts to tune up your FN motorcycles, please take contact with the owner of the parts to order your parts please!!


                         Hard to find FN parts new made by  MECHANISCHE WERKSTATT LÜDERSFELD by Herr Jörn Kämpfe.






                                              Brand New FN motorcycles sattle decks in original old style leather:



                      Click to view the website from Bart:  http://www.saddlesb.jimdo.be



        Original leather seat decks and  leather covers for toolboxes. 

100 % Belgisch, handgemaakt in leder

voor oude motoren (Gillet, FN, Saroléa, ...)

100% original like the old seat and handmade old style work.




                                The toolbox: leather parts and please note!! the metall box is your own old box:    




  I've give a order to Bart for the new seat decks for my FN m 200 and m250 1936-37:


        My 2 old FN seats the leather was in bad condition and not so good to see on 1 picture (but it was bad inside ):


                       Before:                                      After or better after Barts work:





Contact: Belgium FN seats.



                   Here you find an completed gearbox or you could order each parts alone for the whole range of FN m 70 motorcycles.


      Front sprocket with cover and build in seal .                         Both axes for the gearbox m 70.

       All Sprockets could also ordered alone!!!                   Screw and nut for the Clutch m 70.

      For the FN  m86.                                                                                     Type XIII gearbox sprockets

       FN "Fours" gearbox sprockets.   

                                                                              All to order at: J.Buys from the WACO Classic Racing Team Antwerp.



By SOSMOTOPARTS  overhaul of engines or completely restoring are possible for all  FN's from 1902 up to 1965.



                          Here a FN m 70 model B from 1928            The rebuilding of a m 70                                  The model "B" from the other side.