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In the Netherlands: BAS CLASSIC Motorcycles.

and for Belgium you got "HD"Classic from Hans Devos.


                      Please check them on regular base to find you rare to find FN!!!




                                            New site about a famous Belgian Racer also with "FN" : Jules Tacheny

RENE MILHOUX " RECORDMAN DES RECORDS " de men of the record of 224,019 km with an FN m 86 with Roots compressor.


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                                                                   c1909 Lewis twin     FN 1000



                                                                                       FN and the "Club Oude Motoren Galder" Nederland.

                                         Old stuff from our earlier days!  Enjoy your search for old things!


                                                         The Waco Classic Racing Team also for Replica Engine FN parts by J.Buys:



                                                   The best Motorcycle Jumble in Belgium; The number #1: 


                                                                             Here is  Moto Retro Wieze now online.

                                                                                          VETERAAN MOTOREN HOUTLAND VZW  

                                                                MY OLDTIMER MOTORCYCLE CLUB IN BELGIUM.




 Other motorcycle websites: 



                                    Motorfietsweb's homepage                                                                                         





Here you will find information about an meeting in Germany for "Early Motorcycles" please check out there website.

Please click on the picture to go to the Site from the Keilriemenfahrt/Windmill Trophy  2004.



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                                                                              VMC : kies NL / choose UK           Motorcycle Books  




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                FN Fabrique Nationale Browning Collectors Association and guns and arms


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