Michel Steins,F.N. Oldtimer motorcycles: 1902-1965.
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Shown here are some of the FN bicycles, 50cc mopeds and motorcycles that I own.


Shown here is my FN M.70 "De Luxe" (CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE)

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Pictured here is the evolution of a total restoration, from wreck to riding motorcycle. Also shown are demonstration cut-away engines made up from 1929 and 1932 spare engines. These cut-away engines are made in the same fashion as FN made them years ago. 




See here is my 1937 FN M.250. This is a 2-stroke motorcycle with three gears.

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This M.250 was the first complete model I ever encountered. The engine of this model is very complex. The 2-stroke engine mixture lubricates both the engine and the gearbox. The gearbox is built as part of the engine and is not seperate like on conventionnal models.


Seen here is my 1952 FN M.XIII. This specific model is equipped with the 250 OHV engine.



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 This is a rare "modele de luxe" M.XIII with the telescopic front suspension and rubber springs. More popular at the time was the 450 single valve due in fact that the 250 OHV was priced similarly to the 450 SV.  The 450sv outsold the 250 OHV, making the 250 OHV model quite rare today.  


Seen here are images of my FN 50cc. moped collection (1959-1963). Included in the collection is a 1959 "modele de luxe", a 1960 Utilitaire, a 1962 FN Princess and a Sport model FN Rocket.

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The first FN mopeds were purchased from "Royal Nord" in 1955. These were labeled and sold as FN models. Production of complete mopeds and engines did start at FN in 1959 after the "golden motorcycle" era had come to an end.



Seen here are images of my FN bicycles, including my 1926 "Chainless" model.

******FN has started to build that modell from 1889,same a a modell with Chain.they stoped the production in 1930-35.*******

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Contact me if you have any questions on the range of FN motorcycles built between 1902 and 1965.

F.N.Greetings from Jacques Maertens, Belgium.