Born in 1951  to Verviers Belgium. Absolutely autodidact, he takes part very young to various exhibitions. Great traveller, he goes over all the world, accompanied with his arts-easel. It should be to long to describe  all the countries where he stayed until 198O.  But it is in his so-called"Wonderful" Antwerp, that he takes his set-up. It is a stay of two years in the Caribbean's, who determinates the way and the summit from his art. There he would acquire the power of emotion and the particular character of his dab and palette. It is certain that the arts works from Georges Dessaucy have their own dialogue, with often an exemplary sobriety. He creates some poses with more originality as the movement. With  him we have access to this discovery that the face is as well an element of nude. And that under the daily mask exists a reflection, maybe our first little part of eternity.  A master of romantic erotism,mystic painter of emotivity who always  will stay in the secret of this girlish magic spectacle.  Evaporating in the virginal dreams of these soft, frail and delicate creatures. His secret technique of modelling the oil colour paste directly to the linen by a soft lick, in one only passage, at a strech,gives this light pearly effect a real particularity. His girls seem drowned in a warm radiant shadow and their smile full of languor,are impressed with a light gloom.



 Soyez donc vite à contempler les teintes qui circulent les reflets qui cherchent leurs destin. Un soupir,et,c'est la fin des merveilles éphémères.



Vous avez le droit à notre admiration, vous, le peintre. Qui sacrifiez tant de jours à vous recueillir dans le sentiment de perfection et qui pouvez faire refléter en vos oeuvres l'idéal qui vous fascine. Quelle tension cruelle de tout les sentiments tendres.  Quel sublime suicide d'amour!On  ne peut admirer vos jeunes  filles sans  chérir  l'interprète qui leurs  donna la plus  noble  forme  de son génie. Et sous les menues poitrines marmoréennes on sent palpiter le coeur de l'artiste,qui fut assez vivement épris d'un rêve de beauté pour le faire durer pour l'éternité.






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