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What is Gene

Gene is a common purpose programming language.  It is inspired by languages such as object pascal, C++, sql and EBNF languages such as Coco/R, lex and yacc and is a pure object oriented language.

It is therefor ideally suited for applications that process a lot of sequential input and output such as scanners, parsers and data generators.
Gene also has build in support for container objects (objects that manage a list of other objects such as arrays, linked lists, queues, sql tables,...).

Gene is currently undergoing a major transformation.  It is being moved to the .net environment which triggered a series of profound changes. The current documentation is hopelessly outdated and is best ignored.  A new, updated version is being written as we speak and should be available pretty soon.  If you have any questions, you can always contact me through the tigris account .

For a more detailled overview, please check about gene.

Some key features:

Current status

The language definition itself is stable.  Some more additions might be added in the future.  The compiler is able to compile itself.  It currently produces C code or Gene code for debugging automations (code generators).  A generator for assembly code still needs to be implemted.  Error handling could use some cleanup and there is still a lot of testing to be done.

I am currently in creating the default libraries.  These also need a lot of debugging and documentation.