The Single Shot Action Patent Site

The purpose if this site is to make the patent information I have gathered on single shot actions easily accessible and available .  All of this information can be found in the USPTO website, but finding something there can be rather trying--and especially time-consuming!  Patent dates are the US ones--not necessarily the original ones.

I made the effort to find some interesting patents, and now I am using this website to share this information with other single shot enthusiasts, in a way that makes it easy to find whatever is there.  So if you don't find it, it probably isn't here…

I make no pretence at completeness, I just basically added information which I myself found interesting--and you too, hopefully…

Another thing--time is a major issue for me, so this website will be expanded continuously, until I finally manage to put in all the information I have--so be patient!

To date, this webpage has about 60 pages, and hopefully I can add a few more--I still have some unpublished information!   

10/11/03--The Westley Richards information is finally up!

Gert Claes

Martini Patents:

No explanation needed here--the Friedrich Von Martini patents, and some which built upon it.

Soper 1882 Patent:

The Soper action goes into history as allegedly one of the fastest single shots ever--and that with a sidelever!

Very different, but nonetheless interesting...

Field's Patent:

In this patent, Henry Field actually introduces 2 actions.  He goes into great details about his modified Martini action, but paradoxically, it is his falling block action which is best-known.

Swinburn Patent:

A rather popular Martini variant--similar on the outside, but all different inside.  The most notable outside difference are the angular receiver and the large cocking lever.

Peabody Patents:

I located following 2 Peabody patents:

Westley-Richards variants:

This incudes the 'Majuba', and the 'Improved Martini

Questions, comments, additional information?  Just let me know, and I'll do my best to answer.

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