Jessa Hospital

“Stay strong, for the patients.“

Jessa Hospital is an association without lucrative purpose.

As one of the biggest Flemish hospitals they strive towards a large supply of top clinical medicine and high quality patient care. Constantly investing in medical top technology and skilled employees form a cornerstone of the policy within the Jessa Hospital.

The hospital counts 988 acknowledged beds, spread over 3 campus: Virga Jesse and Salvator in Hasselt and St-.Ursula in Herk-de-Stad. Because of this they belong to the top 5 not-academic hospitals in Flanders. With 293 doctors, 50 doctor-assistants, 72 allowed doctors and 3062 employees they are also the second largest employer in Limburg.

With exception of a few specific cases most diseases and injuries can be treated in optimal conditions. A couple examples of top clinical services within the Jessa Hospital are the heart unit, the dialysis unit, the neurosurgery department and the infection-diseases department.

Yearly they take in about 38 000 patients. Besides that there are about 66 500 day-hospitalizations and tens of thousands consultations a year. The hospital wants to offer a high-quality care for a price that everyone can pay.


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