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This site doesn't display properly in IE!

This is what it's supposed to look like!
Feel free to also check out the layout of this page with firefox, opera, konqueror and Internet Exploder, these pics will allow you to see by yourself what a truly great browser IE is (NOT!).
Since the purpose of this website is not to convert MS Windows users but to supply information to linux users who need it I really don't see why I should try to find a compromise to compensate for IE's shortcomings so I'll leave the site as is.

Happy browsing, don't hesitate to drop me aline if you have suggestions and/or comments. cya!

No more guestbook.

I had to remove the guestbook because of the excessive amount of spam messages it contained, about 20 per day. Not that it was as frequently updated as it once used to, so I guess it's no big deal.

Linux not standing in wait as Microsoft sinks its own ship.

Source: LXer

According to Jonathan Krim of the "Washington Post", Microsoft has started showing chinks in its armor and more people have started noticing it. Please don't confuse this with something it can readily fix like improving the food quality at Starbucks or the 911 service at Vonage. Microsoft's trends appear systemic. What are some of the problems? For Microsoft:

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Will ISPs Quarantine You From the lnternet?

Source: ITArchitect

"Microsoft is against ISPs doing anything that would restrict customers' right to run insecure software."

Just go and read the article, it gets really disturbing at times, but the one thing that made me smile was to see that Microsoft was lobbying for the right to run unsecure software!
Now, why would that be?

Windows Guru Calls For IE7 Boycott

Source: WindowsITPro

As I read on /. originally, the bit they posted there sums it up quite nicely:

"Paul Thurrott, a journalist that usually writes about all things windows related (and sometimes about Apple affairs too), made a call in a recent article to boycott Internet Explorer, due to Microsoft's approach (continued in IE7) of not supporting web standards: 'My advice here is simple: Boycott Internet Explorer. It is a cancer on the Web, and must be stopped. IE is insecure and is not standards-compliant, which makes it unworkable for both end users and Web content creators... You can turn the tide by demanding better from Microsoft and using a better alternative Web browser. I recommend and use Mozilla Firefox, but Apple Safari (Mac only) and Opera 8 are both worth considering as well."

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The bleeding edge factor.

This article comes partly from my impatience to get KDE 3.4 on my Debian Sid box, and partly from the fuss about Debian carrying outdated packages.
Like many people I spent many years using Windows 95/98/2000 - Windows 2000 is where it stopped for me - and at the time I installed the OS and tried to keep it running as stable as humanly possible.
I applied the security updates, service packs and patches, I updated my antivirus software, cleaned the registry on a regular basis and overall never cared about upgrading window managers, cd-burning software or any other program.
As long as everything was running as it was intended to I was happy, and when something broke I tried to fix it.

That all changed when I discovered Red Hat and apt4rpm.

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City of Munich opts for Debian.


"The city of Munich has opted to use the Debian version of Linux for a high-profile, 14,000-computer installation, passing over Novell's Suse Linux despite its regional popularity."

"Linux has been most popular on servers, powerful networked machines typically run by computer experts, but the open-source operating system is slowly catching on for desktop use in some areas. European governments are a particularly ripe market."

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Plextor to offer Linux support for their PVR's.


Plextor, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, today announced the availability of a free Linux Software Developers Kit (SDK) for ConvertX video capture devices. For the first time, the Open Source Software (OSS) community can enjoy the advanced features of Plextor ConvertX PVRs, including real-time hardware-based MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG video encoding in a low-cost USB 2.0 video peripheral..

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NeroLinux was born!

Finally it's there! I read lots of comments and reviews stating that k3b is vastly superior and "we" don't need an app like Nero ported to Linux!
While I don't necessarily disagree, I'm still thrilled that the people over at decided to port their burning software suite to my operating system of choice!
It's true, k3b looks nicer. BUT some people - including myself - have had or still have major stability issues with k3b! I mean stability issues like crashing when you drag mp3 files in the lower window to create an audio cd for example, I lived with it and still do because I don't quit that easily but I will try out NeroLinux and if it's as rock-solid as it is under MS Windows my burning experience will only improve.
Furthermore I think we need this kind of thing to happen, it shows that there is genuine interest in Linux and others will follow.