Upgrade of FreeClx

Borland released on Sourceforge the source code for the Qt binding that comes with Kylix 1. However, the source code of the binding that comes with Kylix 2 and 3 has never been put into public space.
The Qt binding consists of a shared library libqtintf.so which provides a bridge for Pascal to the C++ Qt shared library (libqt.so). The file Qt.pas provides the header to this library and therefore defines the contents of libqtintf. Using this information it was possible to transform the FreeClx Qt 2.2.4 binding to a Qt 2.3.X binding while maintaining compatiblility with Kylix 3.

We hoped to enjoy the font aliasing that comes with Qt 2.3.2. However we found out that when Font Aliasing is enabled, the Qt library does not provides access to any bitmap fonts. We hadn't read this yet :=(.
Maybe in the future (if there is time) we could try to upgrade to Qt 3.X. But because a large portion of our code base is written using CLX, we most probably would have to adapt CLX as well. So we remain a little reluctant in starting this project.

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