17 Feb 2005: v0.8
New arm snapshot because an interfaces related
bug is fixed in fpc (not related to arm-port).
Demo v0.8: The font slider in the demo now iterates over all possible
font combinations of installed Font families, styles, charset and pointsizes.

8 Feb 2005: v0.7
Fresh Build for latest FPC arm snapshot.

16 Jan 2005: v0.6
Minor corrections to the cross compile setup.

13 Jan 2005: v0.5
Thx to some feedback from Koenraad Lelong I corrected
the fpc arm cross compile install instructions

7 Jan 2005: v0.4
Happy New Year to everyone.
I have updated the binding for FPC 1.9.6
and Florian Klaempfl released a new arm snapshot.

1 Dec 2004:
The latest fpc release (29/11) does not work with the demo
The rules for interfacing with libraries have changed apparently
Please use fpc-1.9.5-041001.i386.rpm until i fix this
[See also]

28 Nov 2004: v0.3
The demo program of the binding now also runs on the Zaurus.
There are still some fpc compiler problems that I avoided in the program.
But I will proparly isolate and document these problems and send
them to the very active FPC mailing list.

8 Nov 2004:
I ran me first FPC Qt/Embedded program on the Zaurus.
It doesn't do much yet.
[Screen Shot]

22 Oct 2004:
I ran me first hello world on the Zaurus compiled with a FPC cross compile setup.

20 Oct 2004: v0.2
A first version of the binding works under Qt/Embedded Virtual Framebuffer . We didn't find the time yet to put everything on sourceforge so we are just releasing the binary together with a little demo program that tests the binding against qvfb. Now we would like to get FPC running on Zaurus itself. [Screen Shot]

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