I need to develop an application on the Zaurus. As a Kylix programmer I would like to use pascal. As Kylix is i386 only, I developed a binding to Qt for FPC (Free Pascal). The Free Pascal compiler has an arm port.


We already upgraded FreeClx to be compatible with Kylix 3 in the past. [more]
This binding (based on qt 2.3.2) was then adapted to a Qt/Embedded 2.3.3 binding.


If you have developed before for the Zaurus with C++, you may have enjoyed the difficulties of setting up a C++ cross-platform enviromnent that usually messes up your Linux system. Most have to resort to reboot into an adapted live CD like Z demo-linux (used to create this binding) or Damn Small Linux for Zaurus. With FreePascal this is not necessary. The cross-compilation setup is easy, does not affect your system and the compilation speed is infinitely faster. Please enjoy.

Small demo program of Qt/E binding:

This small program demonstrates some basic capabilities of the Qt/E binding
Click on the image to see an animation of what the program does.


Feedback/Comments are welcome
You can reach me via the FPC-pascal mailing list. Archives
I do not read the FPC Community pages anymore, so Qt questions there are useless.

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