So, I guess this is where the Hello and welcome to my site et boring cetera introduction bit goes. To be honest, I havenít a clue what to put her just now.

Let me start by listing all the stuff thatís still wrong with the site. As you can see most of it is still under construction, but I have nearly finished the section on Byron. More poetry will follow. Promise! Newstead Abbey and George Peppard only need photo galleries added to them, the rest is still a bit of a mess. Please excuse any errors, grammatical or otherwise. I am not a native English speaker, Eastenders taught me most of the English I know. The font size is still bothering me; it looks quite small in 10 pt but if I change it to 12pt, it looks huge. Any feedback would be appreciated. I havenít yet figured out how to make one of those clever little mail buttons, so the e-mailís on a banner for now. Navigation might be a bit dodgy too. Thereís an experimental navigation bar thingie at the bottom of every page, Netobjects put it there so if it doesnít work properly itís not my fault ;-)

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You can really tell I know what Iím doing, canít you?

By the way, have any die-hard Alphaville fans discovered what song I got the siteís title from?

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Lord Byron

The greatest poet of the Romantic age.
An outcast of society, considered ĎMad, bad and dangerous to knowí.
And a hero to the people of Greece.

Newstead Abbey

The ancestral home of the Byron family.

George Peppard

Handsome, elegant and possibly the most underrated actor of all times.


Cool Britannia!

Under construction. This section will include Camden Town and Edwinstowe.

Richard Herring

Comedy genius.

Under construction while I figure out what to put here.

Glow Poi gallery

Me playing with ĎPoi Poií glow poi. I am an attention whore. Linked to my Photobucket album. This bit may only be here temporarily.

The Library

Not yet active. This section will include Oscar Wilde, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Jonathan Gash to begin with.


Not yet active. Iím not sure whatíll end up here, probably herbalism, general info on pagan holidays, crafts and maybe some other stuff.


Not yet active.

Please sign my guest book!

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