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DNA analysis
Life-ID: Human Identification and Consanguinity Analysis

Life-ID offers DNA kinship analysis services since 2004. Besides the highly demanded paternity test, we also offer other relationship testing and human identification analysis. We do not diagnose genetic disorders.

For the most frequently requested analyses, a free sampling kit with application form, can be ordered online or by phone. You can also make an appointment to have the samples collected at the laboratory. All analyses can be requested through this website. You can call us on +32 (0) 9241 5636.

Legally valid tests, with proven identity of the subjects are possible, both as an expertise under court order, as well as extra-judicial expertise on behalf of the parties. Anyone can apply for the expertises, without any intervention from the court, possibly to use the evidence later and support claims in court proceedings.

We have a unique express service when results are needed quickly. The express service can be requested for both the legally valid tests and the informal analysis.

Our approach and procedures guarantee that you can expect reliable, fast, discreet and affordable DNA analyses.

Consanguinity Analysis
Paternity Tests
A paternity test is a DNA analysis that determines biological fatherhood with high accuracy. There are usually two participants: the possible father and the child. The mother can participate too, typically increasing the accuracy of a positive test result from 99.99% to 99.9999 %. A negative result is always 100% certain. The applicant delivers samples of the buccal epithelium of each test participant, together with an application form and proof of payment of the analysis fee.
  You can order a free sampling kit that includes everything you need to take the samples and send them to us for analysis, or make an appointment to have the samples taken at the laboratory, and obtain paternity test results that can be used for legal purposes. We extract the DNA from the samples and analyze it. DNA profiles are compared in the laboratory for exclusion or confirmation of biological paternity. The resulting DNA profiles are included in the report, together with the individual paternity indexes and a conclusion that explains the confirmation or exclusion of paternity, and the weight of the genetic evidence (e.g. W>99,9995%).
A paternity test is a DNA analysis that determines biological motherhood with high accuracy. Maternity testing is mostly done for immigration purposes, when it is necessary to provide evidence to establish a family link with a national resident. Call us to make an appointment for sampling with documented identification. The maternity test is analogous to the paternity test, and the procedures for requesting an analysis are identical. A sampling kit is also available for informative maternity testing.
A simple DNA-test can discriminate between non-identical and identical twins.
The Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA
If you have a question concerning consanguinity that does not fall in one of the above categories (e.g. filiation in maternal/paternal line), we can give you an answer in most cases. Describe the problem to us and we will let you know whether we can offer a solution or not.
Human identification by comparison of DNA profiles obtained from any biological sample (traces, blood, hair, stains) are useful for police and private investigation and also for personal purposes.