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MSN Design Nicknames

Welkom op onze MSN Design Nicknames pagina die vol staat met berichten in een speciaal design.

Gebruik de MSN Design Nicknames naar wens.

Ook kan je deze design nicknames gebruiken op forums in je profiel.

Veel plezier gewenst met onze Design nicknames voor je MSN Live Messenger.
t tia m o mh 4 ptiptg

._. HoTT LyKe FiRe `._.

. .H*..O*. .T* .. T*. .I*. .E*. .

Xo*X'z and O'z**I got diamonds on my toes**Diz little cutie**has fashionable clothez*oX

*ToUcH Me* *TeAsE Me* *cOmE On BaBY * pLeAsE Me*

- Y Lk t Whn hk t Fr Y ddy Mv t ll rund? Lt Y Gt Pk B4 t Tuchs The Grund-

(U)(A)*iF i HaD a FaCe LiKe YoU i'D sUe My PaReNtS*(A)(U)

(*)Im x, Im t, Im ppl to boot(*)

*??*WhY'd Ya HaVe 2 gO n MaKe ThInGz sO cOmPLiCaTeD*??*

L mt S TtR Th tRL tT

~*^I'm iN dA hOuSe BaBy!^*~


? ? ? LoVeR gUrL ? ? ?

.:(k)DowN AsS ChicK(k):.

m NT tpd... jt t tht bght

~(*)GliTTer |3iTcH(*)~

fF...hcLt...s...mtHg TtR fF rh!

* Pkd *



~!:$!! L d HK !!:$!~

*(U)LoNeLy AnGeL(U)*

`-`Lv M rThLSs`-`


-X-NaUgHtY By NaTuRe...NoT cUz I hAtE yA!-X-

(k)SeXsi LiKe PePsi(k)

~*~I L(l)ve LinKiN ParK~*~

(L)*\/\/et & \/\/ild*(K)

~..I ran into my ex the other day... PuT It in ReVeRsE aNd hIt HIM aGaIn! ..~

.:(*)cUrLy HaIr CuTiE(*):.

-::-.:**:(*)Preppy Superstar(*):**:.-::-

-(`v)-if gh G m, f w naughty m M˫-(`v)-

.:*I'm Hott-Slick 'N Sweet-From My Head-To My Feet*:.

~~hEs FoR Me *N* NoT FoR YoU..sO StAy YoUr AzZ AwAy FroM My BaYbEe bOo!~~


W wG !

-::-* `....*[Uw naam]* `....`-::-

*'m Th ߡh Tht vrр Ht*

m b tm!

.:*P *:.:*R*:.:* Ψ*:..:*Ѩ*:.:*Ǩ*:. :**:.:**:.

*. .S*..H*. .O* ..R*..T*..Y*.

. .Ф. .E*..V*. .* .. *. .


9Sexy Lady9

.-~*'`CoMe & TaKe mE aWaY.-~*'`

(.(*. H o L L y W o O D-B a B e.*).)

. .*..O*. .V* .. E*. .

v m 壤


.`) sHaNnOn (`.


,.`. :`yUmmY: .`.,

.*.(`v).I'm gOnnA LuV u BeTtA.(`v).*


(`._.[KZ iTh]._.)