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WitchCraft Explanation: Physical Powers

Explanation physical powers:

Telepathy is the power of mental communication and control. Telepathy is unaffected by physical barriers, but distance does affect the effectiveness of the attempt. the higher the Telepathy power, the longer the range.
WitchCraf Spells - Magie:

Psi Sense:
This is the ability to detect the use of psionic activity. The possessor of this power (sometimes called a Sniffer), uses this skill passively (ie it is always 'on').

Emotion Sense:
This is the ability to tell, not what someone is thinking, but what they are feeling. When a subject is within range, the Empath can tell whether or not the subject is lying--not what the truth is, just whether or not the subject is being truthful. You can also get a general sense for a subjects personality.
Mind Shield:
This is the ability to hold a mental 'shield' that warns you of telepathic attacks, and helps defend well. A shield may be turned on and off at will.  When you go to sleep or become unconsciuos, your shield remains as it was set.  Repeated failed attacks against a shield become increasinglymore difficult for the attacker.

This one is self explanatory.  A psi skilled with this ability can induce sleep in their subject.  This is a normal sleep, and the subject can be awakened by anything that would normally rouse them out of a deep and restful slumber.

This is the power to afect things in the physical world using just the powers of the mind.  A PK can move, make hotter, make colder, etc, a subject, but they must b able to visualize it.  This usually means the target must be in view, or else the psi must be very familiar with the subject.

This is the ability to move objects by mental power.  Your power in psychokinesis dictates how much weight you can move,while your skill dictates how much deftness with which you can handle the object.

This skill works on the psi's own body and whatever he is carrying at the time.  It is the psionic form of flight.

This is the power to increase the temperature of an object, often to an incendiary point.  Once started, a pyrokinetically-set fire burns normally.  The higher the Psychokinetic power of the pyrokinetic, the faster that they can increase an objects temperature.  Pyrokinetic heat is trapped within the subject; very little escapes until the psi stops concentrating. thus, a sufficiently powerful Pyro could literally turn a victim to ashes and leave the victims clothing untouched.

This works just like pyrokinesis, but in reverse. It is less spectacular, but is still useful. The colder an object gets, the more brittle it becomes, until absolute 0, where anything is brittle enough to break at the slightest touch.

PK Shield:
This skill allows the PK to 'lock down' the air next to their body and hold it in place, making it a solid shield against physical attacks.  It is not effective against non kinetic attacks.

The power of 'extra sensory perception' covers the various sixth sense skills--to see things hidden to ordinary people.

This is the ability to see through walls and other objects.  It's range is sharply limited by power, but not by what is in the way.

The same as above, but allows you to hear things through walls, barriers, etc.

This talent lets the psi learn something of the history of a place or inanimate object: general impressions, use, user's personality, etc.  This power does not detect magic.

This is the ability to see the future.  It is the chanciest and least understood of all known psi-skills.  A 'precog' vision might be a sight, sound, or just a flash of knowledge.  Just keep in mind that nothing in the future is certain.

The power of psychic healing effectively combines empathy, psychokinesis, and telepathy, but is effectively it's own seperate power.  Only one skill, also called healing, is known.  The healer must be in physical contact with the subject.  The act of psychic healing is intensly draining on the healer.  Even a broken arm can result in unconsiousness for some.  As with magical healing, there is little to no scarring.

This is the power of interfering with psi use.