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WitchCraft Invisibility Spells

Close your eyes and imagine a sphere of white light around you.  Then imagine that the light starts to get blurry.  It then takes on the colors and shapes of the environment around you.  You fade into the light, becoming a part of it, until you completely disappear into the camouflage of the circle of light around you.
WitchCraft Invisibility Spell:
Items Needed:
1 part Fern leaf, dried.
1 part poppy seed.
2 parts slippery elm powder.
1 part Myrrh.
1 part Marojoram, dried.
3 parts Dillweed, fresh if possible.

Grind all together, mix well.  Add 9 drops almond extract, with enough spring water to make everything barely moist.  Place in ceramic bowl spread thinly as possible and dry the mixture over low heat, stir occasionally until lightly browned.
WitchCraf Spells - Magie:

Grind again chanting:
Things seen, and things not seen, let me walk here between.
When finely powdered store in glass container it will keep for years.
Sprinkle a little bit on yourself, objects or in a place to be made invisible.