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WitchCraft: Removal Spells

To undo a Spell:
Items : One bead from a necklace - A small patch of black cloth - String.
Time : Any night after midnight, facing East.
Best on waning moon.
Place the pearl/bead in the black cloth.
Add your angelica herbs.
Tie up tightly in the string until you have wrapped the pearl/bead entirely in the cloth.  Dribble a bit of wax from the candles on your final knot you tie.

Say the following:
"I cast a spell asking , I now ask the
favour of having the spell removed.  I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own.  To show my spirit is true and my intentions are good, i give this pearl/bead from a necklace i own.  I transfer the spell into the
and render the spell dormant.  No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell.  No further power shall it have.  This is my will. So be it."
WitchCraf Spells - Magie:

Then throw the small package away far from your home.

Removal Spell 1:
Items :
3 cloves of garlic and water.

With water, grind the garlic into a paste.  Rub the paste on the souls of the afflicted person's shoes, and on the front step of his(her) home.  Create a blessing with the Sun retribution Symbol invoking enlightment and clarity.  This will negate earth spells.

Removal Spell 2:
1 white candle.
1 black candle.
First Saturday after Full Moon or on a Full Moon.

Rub and light the candles, saying:

"On the Eve of ( ) I cast a spell.
And the effect I created I must now quell.
Specifically ( ) May this spell be lifted.
And I now be gifted specifically with ( )".

To break the powers of a spell (against you):
1 large black candle.
Cauldron or large black bowl.

Place the candle in the bowl, affixing it with droppings of another black candle.  The candle should be tall enough to extend a few inches above the rim.  Fill the cauldron to the rim with fresh water, without welling the candle's wick.  Deep breathe meditate, clear your mind and light the candle.
Visualize the suspected spell's power as residing within the candles flame.  Sit in quiet contemplation of the candle and visualize the power flowing and growing within the candle's flame.  As the candle burns down, its flame will eventually sputter and go out as it contacts the water.  As soon as the flame has been extinguished by the water, the spell will be dispersed.  See the spell power explode into dust.  Pour water in a hole in the ground and bury the candle.