My Roland TR909 clone using the Trevor Page 9090 boards and MB909 sequencer with MidiBox core

Roland TR 909 sequencer clone

09th of July 2012

I am still working on the frontplate for the beta version. As soon as it is finished, I'll contact the people on the beta version bulkorder to send out the beta version PCB's. As I am not a 100% sure which menu functions will be used the most, I'll name 4 buttons: F1, F2, F3 and F4. all of the buttons can be assigned to a certain command or menu page,....

A bit more info
concerning the PCB
Components for the sequencer will be around 60€, that is my estimate for now.
A MidiBox LPC17 core will need to be bought from the MidiBox Shop.

Concerning the firmware:
the sequencer has the possibility to work in "single drummachine" mode and "multi drummachine" mode. The difference between the two lays in the way the sequencer handels the patterns and the tracks.
1 pattern concists of 4 tracks (track 1, track 2, track 3 and track 4).
In multi drummachine mode the 4 tracks of the pattern are played simultaneously. In song mode you choose which pattern needs to be played.
In single drummachine mode, you can choose which track to be played. in other words the tracks are played in solo mode and in song mode you can choose which track needs to be played.

The main screen is the edit menu. This is working well, but I still want to adapt the MidiBox SeqV4 firmware a bit more.
    Accent for all of the 16 drum instruments per track is working well.
    I have now tested the firmware with up to 2 parameter layers (for example velocity, roll, roll2, etc) and 2 trigger layers
    (gate, accent, etc)
The pattern menu is working well.
The song menu is working well.
The track event menu is working well.
The groove menu is working well.
The track length menu is working well.
The save menu is working well.

TR 909 sequencer clone


24th of April 2012

frontpanel prototype testing

MB9090 frontpanel - TR909 clone

08th of April 2012

I have sent all the packages for the 9090 kits, and already had time to update the design of the MB909 sequencer boards for professional manufacturing. I will be ready with this in a few days.
As I have already said to a few people, I'll only order 5 boards (if there are people interested) of the MB909 sequencer, because I would like to have them being tested by this testgroup on hardware and software level to see if the sequencer is working as people want.
Once the testgroup is happy, I'll then organize a big bulkorder for the MB909 sequencer.

The betaversion for the testgroup will be sold as a kit (PCB, components) and a frontpanel for the once that would like a frontpanel. I do not have an exact price yet, as I am also finishing the design for the frontpanel.

The list for signing up for the beta version is on:

If there are enough people (at least 5) interested I would prefer people that :
already have a 9090 and/or TR909
will be able to upload an update of the firmware to the mainboard (this is easy with Tk's MIOS terminal)
would like to test the software and hardware and give me tips to improve the design (again soft and hard)

So if you put your (nick)name on the list, I'dd like to ask you to send me an email if you have a 9090 or TR909, etc.


24th of February 2012

14th of February 2012

MB909 SeqV4 MidiBox TR909 clone sequencer

19th of January 2012

I am currently on a vacation. I will start working on the sequencer again in February.

19th of November 2011

TR909 clone


I have my new laserprinter and made a few 9090 main out boards, they are looking good, but I'll try to find a better type of paper that'll make the finished boards perfect. I have also redesigned the sequencer board(s) because there were a few layout errors on them.

10th of November 2011 (bis)

On the download page (my MB909 documents) you can find the untested beta schematics. These need to be verified before use.

10th of November 2011


I have (hopefully) all the parts for the Midibox Sequencer. I bought them from Mouser, Reichelt and Whenever I have finished a part of the sequencer boards and am 100% sure that it is working I will add a BOM partlist for the build.
I just can't wait to get started.
First I will solder the LPC1769 core for the Midibox.
things to do:

  1. I will the check if I have used the correct footprints for all the parts by printing the boards and physically checking if the parts fit.

  2. Make the PCB using the tonner transfer method. drill the holes in the boards

  3. test if everything is working

  4. hookup the sequencer boards with the 9090 midi interface

  5. Go nuts while making sequences with a complete Roland 909 clone!!!!

October 2011

I have designed the sequencer part of the MB9090. pffff that is a lot of work

It will be a Midibox SeqV4 sequencer with a ea dog m display. In attachment you can see a 3d pic and some screenshots of the board.

A few things are not a 100% correct in this 3D pic:

1. The display is not the correct one, it will be a ea dogm display.
2. I don't have a 3d component yet for the BMP display
3. The colour of the switches is wrong, this will be clear/red with a red LED light to illuminate the buttons.
4. I don't have 3D components for the (PEC11) encoders, I just put some knobs in the pic.

Could someone also help me out with the questions below:

MB9090 board1.jpg:
IA: Is this the correct order to connect the encoders with the 74hc165 (see also the INPUT schematics)?

MB9090 board2.jpg:
IIA: Is it ok to interconnect Ground and power of the DIN and DOUT circuit like I did?
IIB: same question as IIA
IIC: this is a KiCAD question: I don't know how I can put in the schematic or the board that these are
connected through the connectors and wires. I have put a different type of labels in the input schematic than the
ones in the output schematic but the result is the same 

please let me know if you like it at .

Cheers Jef

3d preview



Midibox Sequencer

Thanks for the help at