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Action: save the Danish Pécan!

The Danish Pécan is a delightful pastry with (but not too much) cream, nuts and some spices. When I first bought it at Panos (I instinctively knew it was something else) I was delighted! I find that it is the only good thing they sell at Panos.

But the Danish Pécan is in trouble. Although it tastes so good, the demand is little. It's now so bad that many Panos shops don't make them anymore. And the ones that make it, don't make many of them so they're sold out soon. So it happened more than once that I pass by the Panos in the Lange Munt or in the Kortedagsteeg (in Ghent) and feel like eating my beloved Danish Pécan, but come out with an empty stomach. As far as I know it's only available in the Panos in the shopping center at the Zuid, but only in the morning.

Therefore I call on you: ask for a Danish Pécan at your Panos. Learn to enjoy it, and tell it on, so the Danish Pécan gets the success it deserves.


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