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Currently there are 2 projects under development.

Tileable map

A tileable map to create a gameworld on.


A massive multiplayer online game where different races battle each other in the world of Sethanon.


Since our development has just started, there are no assets finished yet.

About Us

We are a young enthusiastic group of software engineers with a passion for game design and development, creating new games and software in unity 3D.

Contact Us

You can contact us throught the email form below or directly at neutro@telenet.be

Loenhout, Belgium

Upcoming projects pipeline

When the current projects are finished, a lot of possible new projects are in mind. This is the current pipeline of upcoming projects. New ideas are always welcome throught the contact page.

Model pack with 3d buildings
Model pack with trees and bushes
Action game with police missions to be completed
Online multiplayer game to build and manage a city and its resources

Design tools

For our projects we use the following tools

  • Unity 3D - For creating the game engine
  • Blender - For creating 3D models
  • MakeHuman - For creating 3D humanoid characters
  • Paint.net - For image and texture processing