How to create a bootable CD

How to create a bootable CD (after Slipstreaming Windows XP)



(This is the next step after How to Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack )

The programs we are going to use are, IsoBuster (to exstract the boot file) and Nero 6.

First step is to extract de Boot Loader file. To do this, insert your original Windows XP CD.

Start IsoBuster: in the left pane choose "Bootable CD" and in the right pane, right click on "Microsoft Corporation.img"
and choose foe "Extract Microsoft Corporation.img". Save file to a folder on your hard drive (here "!nstall\XP_CD").

Once extracted, start Nero Burning Rom (minimum version should be, and choose CD-ROM (Boot),
browse to the location of your extracted .img file,
enable "Expert Settings", "No Emulation" and "Number of loaded sectors" = 4 (See below)

Next go to the "ISO" tab and change as seen below

Important here is to set the "Do not add the ';1' ISO file version extension"!
Otherwise the CD will not boot.
If you don't have this option in your version of Nero, you will have to update your version first.

Next tab is the "Label" tab. Here you can give a name to it.

Click on the "New" button and select the files and folders from the location were you stored your slipstreamed installation files.

and burn.


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