Registrar Lite

Registrar Lite is a powerful and flexible freeware registry editor. It offers an explorer style interface which supports the clipboard and allows you to drag and drop registry keys and values.

It offers background search and replace, a bookmark editor which allows you to add descriptions to registry keys as well as advanced registry value data editors which support all existing registry data types.

An addressbar allows you to access registry keys and values quicly.

Registrar Lite offers registry key import and export functionality which supports all native registry file types.

When running on Windows XP,2000 or NT, all security features are supported by offering editors which allow you to set registry key&nbps;permissions, auditing and ownership.

Registrar Lite is the freeware edition of the advanced registry manager called Resplendent Registrar.

It may be a flexible alternative if the standard Windows registry editor does not meet your needs.