How to Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 1a

How to Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 1a


(Note! Slipstreaming SP 2 is exactly the same procedure as described here for slipstreaming SP 1a)

Slipstreaming a Service Pack, is the process of integrating a Service Pack into the original installation files.
You can do it manually or use AutoStreamer (a free slipstreamer-tool) Can be downloaded here

 The advantage of slipstreaming is, that when you (re)install your OS, you don't have to (re)apply the Service Pack, and also when additional feature of your OS are installed, you automatically have the latest files.

1.) Create 2 folders on you hard drive; e.g. “XP_SP1a” to hold your service pack, and “WinXP_Full” to hold your Windows XP installation files. Both folder names without the “quotes”.

 2.) Download the full Windows XP Service pack here  (Make sure you pick the correct language)

 3.) Safe the downloaded file in a folder on your hard drive (here C:\XP_SP1a)

 4) Copy the entire content of your Windows XP installation CD to your hard drive: e.g. C:\WinXP_Full

 5.) Next step is to unpack the service pack. This is done via the command prompt. Go to “Start” – “Run”. Here you type “cmd” without the quotes. Go to the folder where you saved the Service pack (here C:\XP_SP1a).

Type the command: filename -x. (here “xpsp1a_en_x86.exe –x”)

A window will appear, asking you to point the folder where you want to extract the service pack files to. Click Ok to start extracting the SP1a files.

6.) Next change to the update folder and type the following command: update /s:location folder WinXP installation files (here "update /s:C:\WinXP_Full")

The service pack will now be integrated in the installation files.


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