PEBuilder usage

How to create an ISO file with Bart's PEBuilder.


Download Bart's PEBuilder here. After download, extract the to your hard drive.

Once you have configured the plugins, according to the information provided in each plugin (htm and inf file) you can start building the BartPE iso file.

To do this, start the "P pebuilder.exe"

The welcome screen will popup:

Make your choice and click "Next"

Next you have to provide the location of your slipstreamed Windows XP (Home or Pro) or Windows 2003 installation files, as well as additional files or folders (when needed).

Click "Next"

Next screen, is the "Plugins" screen

Inhere you can enable or disable one or more plugin(s) by marking the plugin and clicking on the "Enable/Disable" button. With the "Edit" button you will come directly into the inf file of the plugin marked, to do some additional modifications if needed. The "Add" button allows you to add an additional plugin.

After having enabled and/or disabled the plugins you want, click "Next". PEBuilder will now read the inf files of each plugin you have enabled, checking if the files mentioned in these plugin(s) are also available. If files are missing you will get an "Error message...", telling you so.

You must first correct these errors (or disable the mentioned plugin(s)). If no more errors occur you will get the "Output" screen

Click "Next" (The "Erase" screen below will popup if you already have an existing "pebldr" output folder (at location seen in "Output" screen above))

Next the "Build" is started and the necessary files are copied.

If error(s) occur during this process, you will see the following screen

You can navigate back and forward between these error(s) by using the "<<" and ">>" buttons.

If no errors occur the ISO file will be build.

When the iso file has been created, click "Next" and "Exit".  Now the ISO is ready for burning on a CD/CDRW


In this example I'm using "Nero Burning ROM"

Start Nero Burning Rom click on "File - Open"

Choose in "Files of type:"    Image files (*.nrg;*.iso;*.cue) or all files (*.*), pick your iso file and click "Open"

and burn


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Any remarks or suggestions, just let me know