- Your Time Out of State, Out of Mind

Quote of the week :
" Of All the thing I had in mind
                                                 This wasn't one of them
                                                 Of all the strings you pulled behind
                                                 my back you said this wasn't one
                                                 you'd ever pull again."

                                                                                        (Graham Parker)


Once upon a time in Shaketown a man, named Victor 'Rocky' Rafter was shot three times right through his heart.  He was playing a game of Blind Poker with a companion called  Brad Velcron (Also known as Mr. Day), when some nice looking ladies entered the room.  Three armed females made a bet on Victor, the midnight gambler.  He smiled and felt happy with all of the attention he was getting from these enchanting ladies. 

Then the cards were put on the table.   Obviously Mr. Velcron, who had always been a no good, lucky son of a gun, won the game.  At that moment the ladies started shooting, each with a single shot gun.  Victor died instantly with the jack of hearts, covered with blood, still in his right hand.  He never stood a chance.

Velcron was paid off and left with the suspects rapidly after.  Folks say that the gang of Brad Velcron finally split up when he married Barbara Gonzalez, the first of the female gunslingers.  After a year or so, she left him.  Brad died as the poor bastard he always was.  Most people blame it on Barbara.  She sure was a daughter of a pistol.

There's no moral to this story.  I just never could stand that bitch.

( 4 - 11 augustus 2004 ) 

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