D.O.B. 27.10.2005 - BAER - heart - patella - UPC tested all normal.


Thanks to Vicky and Neil for bringing Harley over here ...he is a happy , playfull boy , well build and with super character! Harley is available for stud only to aproved bitches....


Harely's pedigree

Activior Electra Glide
Marshelsea Grissom
Marshelsea Diesel & Dust
Marshelsea Sweet Seduction
Waltzer Mad For Activior
Ishaba Scotch On The Rocks
Ropadandy Rhyme N Reason


Harley's offspring



Superbowls Amadeo

Superbowls Arthur

Shadow Master to Bullorties

Activior Electra Glide

Breakout Super Bowl's Bullposition


Superbowls Zoe

Superbowls Cypress Hill

Superbowls Eleonora