Super Bowls Full Circle at Untitled

Super Bowls Freaky Funk

Super Bowls Foreigner

Super Bowls Fenomenon

Super Bowls Bon Jovi

Super Bowls Blitzkrieg

Untitled Versus Superbowls

Activior Super Bowls Squaw

Super Bowls Collier Boy

Super Bowls Beau

Super Bowls Chalkriver

Our friends...

http://www.terijer.com/forum - best bullterrier forum ever :) ; from my friend Ana from Croatia - Serial Thrilla kennel

http://www.glamourous.be - our dear friends Jelle and Angelien

http://www.activiorbullterriers.com/ - Vicky and Neill from UK

http://www.bullposition.republika.pl/ - our friend Elwira from Poland

http://www.bulterier-pajar.cz - our sweet friend with super bullies from CZ


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