D.O.B. 05.01.2005. - BAER - heart - patella - UPC tested all normal.


This beautifull lady is doughter from SB Zoe en Ch.PCH Bull Thor Stellar. I can't wait to see her first litter... hopefully in winter 2006 !  


Panda's pedigree

Super Bowl's Eleonora
Ch.PCH Bull Thor Stellar
Uther de la Escapada del Toro
Ch.Pch Stellar Cima
Super Bowl's Zoe
Waltzing Mathilda's Xcallywag
Super Bowl's Xtasy


Panda's offspring


Superbowls Amadeo

Superbowls Arthur

Shadow Master to Bullorties

Activior Electra Glide

Breakout Super Bowl's Bullposition


Superbowls Zoe

Superbowls Cypress Hill

Superbowls Eleonora