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TOUCH - ETYMOLOGY - from Latin : tango, is, ere, tetigi, tactum

13th Century: from Old French tochier, from Vulgar Latin toccare
the sense by which the texture and other qualities of objects can be experienced when they come in contact with a part of the body surface, esp. the tips of the fingers
Related adjs:haptic, tactile, tactual 
the act or an instance of something coming into contact with the body
the quality of an object as perceived by this sense; feel; feeling a gentle push, tap, or caress a small amount; hint
examples: a touch of sarcasma noticeable effect; influence - example: the dance needed a woman's touch any slight stroke or mark - example: with a touch of his brush he captured the scene - characteristic manner or style - example: the artist had a distinctive touch a detail of some work, esp. a literary or artistic work - example: she added a few finishing touches to the tango a slight attack, as of a disease - example: a touch of gancho specific ability or facility - example: the champion appeared to have lost his touch the state of being aware of a situation or in contact with someone the state of being in physical contact -
(= sense) tacto m
sense of touch sentido m del tacto; tacto m
to be in touch (with somebody)
 estar en contacto (con alguien)
I'll be in touch (writing) te escribiré - (phoning) te llamaré - to get in touch (with somebody) ponerse en contacto (con alguien) - to keep in touch (with somebody) mantener el contacto (con alguien) - well, keep in touch! ¡bueno, no pierdas contacto!; ¡bueno, no dejes de llamar o escribir! - to lose touch (with something/somebody) perder el contacto (con algo/alguien) - the party has lost touch with the voters el partido está desconectado de los votantes - to be out of touch no estar al corriente (with something de algo) - to put somebody in touch with somebody poner a alguien en contacto con alguien
(act of touching) contatto;
rough to the ~, ruvido/a al tatto;
by ~, al tatto; - at the slightest ~, al minimo contatto; - the ~ of her hand, il tocco della sua mano; - a pianist with a delicate ~, un pianista dal tocco raffinato; - the personal ~, una nota personale; - it has a ~ of genius, è quasi geniale; - to lose one's ~, perdere la mano; - (with people) perdere il proprio fascino; - to put the finishing ~es to sth, dare gli ultimi ritocchi a qc; - (small amount, of milk) goccio; - (of colour, paint) tocco; - (of frost) leggero strato; - a ~ of irony, una punta {or} pizzico d'ironia; - to have a ~ of flu, avere una leggera influenza; - (contact) contatto; - to be in ~ with sb, essere in contatto con qn; - to get in ~ with sb, mettersi in contatto con qn; - I'll be in ~, mi farò sentire; - you can get in ~ with me here, mi puoi rintracciare qui; - to keep in ~ with sb, mantenere i rapporti con qn; - (friends) to lose ~, perdersi di vista; - to lose ~ with sb, perdere di vista qn; - to be out of ~ with events, essere tagliato/a fuori; - (Ftbl, Rugby : Brit) the ball is in touch, la palla è fuori gioco; - 2 (vt: gen) toccare;
(brush lightly, topic, problem) sfiorare; - she ~ed his arm, gli ha toccato il braccio; - his hair ~es his shoulders, i capelli gli sfiorano le spalle; - ~ wood!, tocchiamo ferro!; - to ~ sb for 5, chiedere 5 sterline in prestito a qn; - (neg phrases) I never touch gin, non tocco mai il gin; - you haven't ~ed your cheese, non hai neppure toccato il formaggio; - if you admit nothing, they can't ~ you, se non confessi non ti possono toccare; - (move) commuovere;
(affect) riguardare;
I am ~ed by your offer, la tua offerta mi commuove; - she was ~ed by his gift, fu commossa dal suo regalo; - it ~es all our lives, riguarda tutti noi, ci tocca tutti; - (compare) uguagliare; - nobody can ~ them for quality, per quanto riguarda la qualità non li batte nessuno; - no artist in the country can ~ him, non c'è artista nel paese che lo possa uguagliare; - 3 (vi: hands) toccarsi; - (property, gardens) confinare; - our hands ~ed, le nostre mani si sono sfiorate; - "do not ~", "non toccare".
 Berühren neuter; Berührung
(of pianist, typist, piano, typewriter) Anschlag m
she thrilled to his touch es durchzuckte sie, als er sie berührte - it opens at a touch es öffnet sich auf Fingerdruck - at the touch of a button auf Knopfdruck - the wheel responds to the slightest touch das Lenkrad reagiert sofort or reagiert auf jede Bewegung - braille is read by touch Blindenschrift wird durch Abtasten gelesen - voelen, gevoel, gewaarwording, aanvoelen, kontakt, aanraking, beroering; 't moet klikken.
se toucher
(= être en contact) to touch
toucher à to touch - (= modifier) to touch; tamper ou meddle with - (= traiter de, concerner) to have to do with; concern - je vais lui en toucher un mot I'll have a word with him about it - toucher au but (emploi figuré) to near one's goal - toucher à sa fin to be drawing to a close.