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Yes, provocation in tango Argentino can be a way to stimulate genuine contact ...

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  Tango Nuevo dancing relates much to modern dance which is a more choreographic performance that needs space to release the body, it can't be done in an milonguero Apilado hold, tightly together. Astor Piazzolla's tango nuevo compositions tell us something of our contemporary life. He stretched the classical harmony and counterpoint and moved the tango from the dance floor to the concert stage. In our time-frame, choreography or the outward visual aspect and releasing the body, seems to appeal more than the close-embrace intimacy which today, doesn't seem to feel as well as before. Through the gymnastic activity in dynamic dancing, happens the positive body releasing, creating a feeling of wellness. Tango with a touch of techno is another new development. This bajo fondo underground tango is, in a way, the return of the strong, repetitive (Afro)-beat. As it has a rather dominating self-assured character, it tells us something of our present-day lifestyle. It is mostly danced with a lot of nuevo figures such as colgadas and volcadas.

  New Century Trends like YouTube videoclips and popular dance TVshows allow us to reflect on a specific topic over a period of time and see dominating evolutions in our fast changing time.
  Buenos Aires today. All Argentina is speaking of the TV-dance of the moment, the 'Strip Dance', a voting show with much dancing and huge sensuality. It is a new challenge for the dance pairs of Bailando por un Sueño / Dancing for a dream. The dance and the eroticism are put in different artistic settings, the striptease is combined with the dance. Thus the pairs that compete will characterize diverse roles, represented within a choreographic setting such as samurai and a geisha or a scene from "9 ½ Weeks". The idea to combine styles of sensual dances is very much in fashion, but not being able to learn the difficult dance styles can be depressing, while to imitate it as a more sensual "undressing dance" can be considered as a healthy way to release the body. The positive thing happens through the gymnastic activity of the erotic dance.

Tango-E-Vita, multilingual Belgian website which focuses on the many different dimensions of performing and experiencing Argentine Tango Dance as a living, ongoing event. Online multimedia such as instructional video-clips on guiding technique and views of shows. Articles in English, Dutch and other languages, with information and thoughts on the manner and quality of couple dancing and, regarding the mind-body relation and the act of exploring non-verbal communication, the powerful contemporary value of it. A special attention for multiple perspectives on gender, social class differences and mentality changes in the history of Tango Argentino.

Tango als sociaal dansgebeuren werd vanaf 1955 gemarginaliseerd door reglementen van de autoriteiten na Juan Peron en de opkomst van de popmuziek. Tangoclubs verdwenen en het improviserend samenspel op de dansvloer werd niet meer gecultuveerd en doorgegeven.
Tangodans echter kon overleven als show, als dansvoorstelling in een cabaret-artistique. Dit leidde naar het ontstaan van de "Tango por enscenario" (for stage performance). Tango als choreografisch dansspektakel, een avondvullende dans- en theatercreatie. Sinds de jaren '80-'90 is de salontango in ArgentiniŽ bezig aan een comeback . Belangstelling uit Europese landen en Japan hebben het tangoleven in de dansclubs in Buenos Aires een nieuwe impuls gegeven en de dansgeheimen van de oude "maestros de baile" worden opgegraven.

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