Tango-E-Vita, multilingual Belgian website which focuses on the many different dimensions of performing and experiencing Argentine Tango Dance as a living, ongoing event. Online multimedia such as instructional video-clips on guiding technique and views of shows. Articles in English, Dutch and other languages, with information and thoughts on the manner and quality of couple dancing and, regarding the mind-body relation and the act of exploring non-verbal communication, the powerful contemporary value of it. A special attention for multiple perspectives on gender, social class differences and mentality changes in the history of Tango Argentino.

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Tangoing between musicality and choreography

  About tango and it's musical evolution in the recent decades, the four representative schools of the Argentine tangomusic are: Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Troilo and Pugliese. They are dance orchestras, playing music for dancing. When the spirit of the music is characterized by counterpoint marking, clarity in the articulation is needed. It has a clear, repetitive pulse or beat, a strong tango-rhythm which is based on the 2x4 (dos por cuatro). Caminar es todo, stepping the rhythm is the art of tangoing. The dancer's musicality and his taste for subtleties makes you see the refinement of the 2x4 tangomusic.

  Thus, musicality in tangoing is stepping in response to the tango rhythm, matching your steps to the pulse of the 2x4 beat, 2 strong beats on 4:
  1   2   3   4
  A way to make this 1-2 -mark visible in the act of stepping is ...
on 1 : lifting the knee and the heel of the foot, and slowly starting moving = expanding like a bandoneón, the feminine part.
on 2 : stretching the leg, fast like a clasp-knife, and putting the foot down like a knife-thrust, a thrusting flash, a strong stab to the heart, una puñalada with an Argentinian Facón, the masculine part.
  As stabbing happens fast, quick, the duration of the marking moment is extremely much shorter than the earlier lifting of the knee, the extending. That contrast gives a striking tension, a noticeable suspense.

  This way of stepping with abrupt marking, strong and short with some time for sundering till disappearance, is like playing staccato. In staccato, notes are sounded in a detached and distinctly separate manner with their lengths shortened; that is, a short silence should be between the notes, without affecting the rhythm. Playing staccato is the opposite of playing legato which has no silence between notes, the sounds are melting naturally into each other.

  In the language of tango choreography and stereotyped, passionate poses that are traditionally labelled male or female, it is important to see and feel why a movement looks masculine or feminine. Impact means that a movement accentuates its ending, like stretching the leg fast and putting the foot down like a knife-thrust. Impulse means that it accentuates its beginning, expanding like a bandoneón. An impact has a certain decisiveness and often a sense of strength, as opposed to seeking impulses. A body design may give a sense of strength and confidence, contrasting continuous, vulnerable movement. Recognition of vulnerability makes passion real. Without it, there is no depth. Why do people avoid being vulnerable? How does the avoidance of vulnerability manifest itself? What are some beliefs of people who avoid being vulnerable? Surroundings have distinctive vibrations which can evoke or suppress things. Dance however, is about expressing emotions, sensitivity, poetry. Sensualism is tactile and emotional. To communicate in a dance, the feeling must be explored and experienced by the own body. As the informed heart turns to its inner source, there is magic in couple dancing. El tango es un pensamiento triste que se baila.

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  Is tango macho or Das Ewig-Weibliche? Gender structures are dynamic. In coupledance communication, leading means following and each step has a masculine and a feminine part. The leadership must have impact but a leader has to listen, he responds to the way the woman moves. She has the abilities and capacities to sabotage, to delay and to dislocate the effect of leading. This gives the man a dynamic dimension of uncertainty. The communication between the dancepartners requires permanent attention and body connection. Guiding and following are one. The goal is a pleasant dance experience that gives memories. The term closure can be used, it is approaching together, a coming closer, a narrowing of a gap. An incomplete closure, is called unfinished business or frustration. A complete closure is called satisfaction, it is dancing a tango that gives an inside kick, as if awakening something. It means that there is a 3th beat-pattern dimension. Underneath the "traspie"-steps and the living pulse of the music, grows a dialogue of rhythm in the couple's dance interaction. A creative experience is something that happens between people, the playground is found on body experiences.

Tango Por Dos - X2 - Miguel Angel Zotto

  The magical effect of music on people seems to be related to the music's narrative content, the spirit or spacial message. All tangos have the 2x4 rhythm, yet each tango has a different narrative content which changes the dancing. A dancer is like a musician, a musician makes a movement like striking the piano, and then... comes the sound. It means that, in an anticipating moment, the sound is inside him before it comes out. A dancer starts a movement and... steps at the moment that the sound appears or instantaneously following it, he is "one" with the music because he knows the music by heart. In this composition, the movement is corresponding perfectly with the music. Reacting on music is not the same as dancing with the music. When you "react" on a sound you hear, there is a time delay, as if the movement is not inside the music. However, if a dancer over-anticipates, he is predicting the music and steps just a bit too early, being just a fraction ahead of time. The timing question relates to organic consciousness. To keep one with the music - the music felt inside and the music heard outside -, a permanent sensitive awareness is required. It means being attentive to sensory signals.

  Regarding contemporary tangos, Astor Piazzolla stretched the classical harmony and counterpoint and moved the tango from the dance floor to the concert stage. His tango nuevo compositions tell us something of our contemporary life, dancing it relates much to modern dance which is a more choreographic performance. Tango with a touch of techno is another new development. This bajo fondo underground tango is, in a way, the return of the strong beat and it is mostly danced with a lot of nuevo figures such as colgadas and volcadas. In any case, musicality only comes when you love the music and know it by heart. A pianist says: "There’s nothing quite like learning to play a piece of music to really get inside it. Once I’m inside it, once I’m feeling through the piece with my own hands and working through its many parts with the microscope of learning, once I really start to “get it” about the music … it’s just staggering."

Streaming flashvideos - The online video revolution

Selection of TangoClips

  Today, when your internet access is working fast, you can easily get video clips. In the context of learning to dance tango, the streaming videos can give new inspiration. Streaming video, often broadcasted as a flashvideo (.flv), is a new and exciting multimedia technology. With broadcasting flash videos, it's possible for any person to create movies and make them available to a worldwide audience. Today's stream of moving images are changing more than just the internet, it's a new anchor in our contemporary communication, an evolution in time.

YouTube - Google News --- La página web de videos más popular del mundo, YouTube, podría ser comprada por el líder de los buscadores en Internet, Google, según informa hoy en su página online el periódico Wall Street Journal. El precio a pagar por la página sería de mil 600 millones de dólares (mil 260 millones de euros), pero las negociaciones se encuentran en una fase delicada y podrían romperse en cualquier momento, según fuentes cercanas a las empresas que cita el periódico. En YouTube.com, los usuarios de internet pueden subir videos y también verlos. De acuerdo con la empresa, por día se ven a través de su página videoclips 100 millones de veces y se suben unos 65 mil. Los analistas de Forrester, a través de sus propios blogs, consideran que a ‘YouTube’ le espera un futuro similar al de Napster, la página de intercambio de música que acabó cerrando por problemas con la justicia. Josh Bernoff, analista de esta consultora, considera que en breve la industria del entretenimiento reaccionará y demandará a ‘YouTube’ por violar los derechos de autor, ya que entre sus catálogos de vídeos se incluyen muchos con copyright. En esta página se pueden encontrar desde cortos caseros hasta vídeoclips o fragmentos de series, programas e, incluso películas de éxito. De acuerdo con su versión, ‘YouTube’ no está preparado para afrontar estos problemas judiciales, ya que, en caso de perder, debería desembolsar mucho millones en concepto de multas. “No creo que pueda evitar a la justicia y mantener su popularidad”, considera Bernoff. Según defiende, es sólo una cuestión de tiempo que la página cuelgue el cartel de ‘fuera de servicio’. Google está zumbándose YouTube por US$ 1.650 millones descartando así tribulaciones de propiedad intelectual y apoderándose de un rol protagónico en la revolución del vídeo. La apuesta es que la internet cautivará más navegantes que espectadores la televisión. Dailymotion - Comparte tus vídeos. -*- Google a acheté YouTube pour l'équivalent en actions de 1,65 milliard de dollars américains. La question est surtout de savoir si le succès de YouTube est pérenne. Il repose sur la simplicité de son usage qui permet à tout un chacun de mettre en ligne, en quelques clics, une vidéo de son choix. Derrière cette vitrine "web 2.0" de contenus générés par les utilisateurs, une énorme proportion de ce qui circule sur YouTube serait porno, assurent certains détracteurs. Et les annonceurs seront très réticents à associer leur nom à une destination aussi "Chaude Sexy Dancing". Les recherches sur quelques mots clés explicites ne semblent pas accréditer la thèse d'un contenu majoritairement pornographique, d'autant qu'un filtre impose de s'identifier, avant d'accéder aux vidéos les plus osées. Si le roi YouTube est nu, c'est pour d'autres raisons. Plus évidente est la profusion sur YouTube de vidéos résultant de la copie ou du détournement de clips musicaux, d'extraits d'émissions télévisés ou de films, produits par les industries traditionnelles de "l'entertainment". -*- La società leader della ricerca su Internet Google sta tenendo colloqui per l'acquisto di YouTube, principale sito web di video per il divertimento, per una cifra vicina a 1,6 miliardi di dollari (più di 1,2 miliardi di euro). YouTube è diventato il più popolare sito web dove gli utenti possono scambiarsi video e filmati digitali ottenendo così un successo e una popolarità strepitosi. -*- Internet search leader Google is snapping up YouTube Entertainment for $1.65 billion. YouTube will continue to retain its brand, its new headquarters in San Bruno and all 67 employees, including co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Meanwhile, Google will continue to run a less popular vídeo service on its own site. The deal is expected to close before the end of this year. -*- Die Übernahme der Videoplattform YouTube durch Google sorgt derzeit für Aufregung. Videos gelten als stärkste Form der medialen Verbreitung. Die Übernahme hätte für beide Unternehmen wesentliche Vorteile. Zum Einen kämen dem Video-Protal die technischen Ressourcen zu Gute und zum Anderen ergibt sich für Google so eine attraktive Plattform um weitere User zu binden und im Zuge dessen auch Werbung zu schalten.

Online clips tangolessons

Tango Tourism in Buenos Aires
  - A característica mais representativa de Buenos Aires é sua música: o tango. Ele se expressa como música instrumental, canção, dança e arte interpretativa. As propostas de tango disponíveis são variadas e diferentes entre si, tanto em sua natureza como em seu custo final. Podem ir de assistir a sofisticados espetáculos de tango até terminar arriscando alguns passos desse mágico e legendário ritmo.
  As principais tanguerias de Buenos Aires oferecem aos turistas espetáculos de tango com muita pompa e glamour. São lugares de alto nível e de preços afins. Em muitas casas também é possível jantar antes do show ou desfrutá-lo com alguma bebida. Os espetáculos são uma sucessão de vários números artísticos, incluindo grupos instrumentais, cantores e casais de dançarinos.
  As milongas são outro tipo de tangueria, com bailes menos luxuosos e mais animados, freqüentados pelos típicos portenhos. São lugares seguros e tranqüilos, onde é possível fazer uma refeição leve vendo os casais dançar ou inclusive tomar aulas de tango. Esses bailes não visam o turismo mas podem terminar sendo uma experiência única.

  - El fenómeno de las milongas: en un año se duplicaron en la Ciudad. En Buenos Aires hay 125, pero en muchos salones se organizan más de una. Abren de lunes a lunes. El boom se abre al exterior. El fenómeno de las milongas es llamativo. En Buenos Aires su crecimiento se refleja en la cantidad de lugares que se abren para la actividad: en febrero de 2005 había 64 milongas y, poco más de un año después, en julio de 2006, hay por lo menos 125. En la Ciudad y el conurbano hay de seis mil a ocho mil milongas diarias, de lunes a lunes y con éxito: en un salón puede funcionar más de una milonga. Lo que hace un total de 70 mil al año. Y más de 12 mil visitantes por semana.
  El dos por ciento de estas milongas está abierto desde hace más de 40 años en clubes de barrio, que son los salones más tradicionales. El 60 por ciento, desde hace diez años. El resto abrió en los últimos seis. Con entradas que oscilan entre los 5 y los 15 pesos por persona, queda claro que es un fenómeno de la última década.
  Aproximadamente 600 mil turistas, de los cuales más de la mitad eran extranjeros, visitaron Buenos Aires durante el receso invernal. Los viajeros gastaron más de 1.300 millones de pesos. Además de la capital del país, la provincia de Buenos Aires y los centros de esquí de la cordillera de Los Andes fueron los destinos más elegidos por los turistas.
  El género musical más típico de Argentina se ha convertido en una auténtica industria cultural que mueve unos 3.000 millones de dólares anuales. Floreció a finales del siglo XIX en los barrios paupérrimos de Buenos Aires, pero el tango es hoy no sólo una marca de identidad para la capital argentina sino un motor de millonarios negocios que crecen al compás de la oleada turística. El tango se ha convertido en una verdadera industria cultural que abarca desde discos, tonos de llamada e indumentaria hasta espectáculos, medios de comunicación, clases de danza, restaurantes y hoteles. Videla relata que en pocos años ha habido una verdadera "explosión" en la que el tango "ha saltado a las clases media y alta", principalmente entre los jóvenes, que por 60 dólares compran zapatos para bailar, flexibles y con suela que evita resbalones. El fenómeno no es menor para Buenos Aires, donde el tango es el principal producto vendido por los operadores turísticos a los extranjeros que visitan la ciudad, algo más de dos millones por año.

Tango-E-Vita, multilingual Belgian website which focuses on the many different dimensions of performing and experiencing Argentine Tango Dance as a living, ongoing event. Online multimedia such as instructional video-clips on guiding technique and views of shows. Articles in English, Dutch and other languages, with information and thoughts on the manner and quality of couple dancing and, regarding the mind-body relation and the act of exploring non-verbal communication, the powerful contemporary value of it. A special attention for multiple perspectives on gender, social class differences and mentality changes in the history of Tango Argentino.

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