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Forever Tango, Luis Bravo's internationally acclaimed dance spectacular. The show, which traces the history of tango through music, dance and dramatic vignettes, features an all Argentine cast. The show's first production number recalls the early home of tango in the brothels of Buenos Aires, the women appropriately attired for their trade, the men suited in gangster mode. Each dance unfolds a three-minute story. A Broadway show about the history of tango, tales of conquest, resistance, tension and sexual desire. Choreographed by Luis Bravo. Bandoneón: Lisandro Adrover, Hector del Curto, Jorge Trivisono, Miguel Varvello
Forever Tango Dancers:
Cesar Coelho, Diego DiFalco, Claudio Villagra, Carlos Gavito & Marcela Durán, Jorge Torres & Karina Piazza, Hector Mayoral & Elsa Maria Borquez, Miriam Larici & Claudio Villagra, Hugo Patyn, Carolina Garcia, Luis Castro & Claudia Mendoza, Carlos Vera and Laura Marcarie, Guillermo Merlo and Cecilia Saia, Gabriel Ortega and Sandra Bootz, Pedro Calveyra and Nora Robles, Oscar Mandragan and Natalia Gomez Hill.

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              Tango-E-Vita, multilingual Belgian website which focuses on the many different dimensions of performing and experiencing Argentine Tango Dance as a living, ongoing event. Online multimedia such as instructional video-clips on guiding technique and views of shows. Articles in English, Dutch and other languages, with information and thoughts on the manner and quality of couple dancing and, regarding the mind-body relation and the act of exploring non-verbal communication, the powerful contemporary value of it. A special attention for multiple perspectives on gender, social class differences and mentality changes in the history of Tango Argentino.

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