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Was Navy-Captain John Collins the first ?

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With this document I hope to convince  those who don't believe my story about the first triathlon ever. The license is issued for 1927 en belong to Mr Rene Taqué from Perpignan France.

Eddy Senecaut.

Licence belonging to Mr Rene Taqué


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The story of navy captain John Collins, who organized the first triathlon on 18-02-1978 at Hawaii.  We all know  the first triathlon came to Europe in 1982 but was it the first triathlon ever ??

Start of the first conduct (3 km run ).

In the French newspaper "L'auto" we read that in

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1920 and later, every year there was a race called "Les trois sports", the 3 sports. Composed out of 3km run, 12km bike and crossing the river La Marne by swimming. The 3 disciplines be carried out without rest. The pictures or from the race "Les trois sports" held in 1920

After finish the run the athleets take their bikes for a 12 km course.

We found the pictures in a Belgian  weekly paper

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"Geillustreerde Sportwereld" from 1922.

Source: ETU and "Geillustreerde Sportwereld"




After the bike the swim, cross the river "La Marne". Out of the water comes Henri Desgrange director of the newspaper "L'auto".


Many thanks to, Antwerpse Triatlon Cub and Eddy

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