Requirements: look at zip / psp8

Font / showcard†††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Tube / ks_cinderella_8

Frame / heelal.pfr ( put this in your frame file from psp )


1. Open a new image van 400x400 transparant. If the size of your name is only 3 letters

†† then 200x200 is enough


2. put your foreground on color #3A4B86 and your background on color # 8C8FF6 and

††† put your background on gradient with these settings:


horizontal: 50††††† style : sunburst

vertical: 50 †††††††††repeats : 0

gradient invert nothing


3. fill new image with the gradient


4. Go to effects / texture effects / weave with these settings:


gap size: 4††††††††††† weave color : black

width: 8††††††††††††††††††††† gap color : black

opacity:48†††††††††††††† fill gaps (v)


5. Go to layers / new rasterlayer and ok

††† Open teksttool put your foreground on #FF90DB and your

†† background on #FF7DBF

††chose font: showcard and size on 85, floating and anti-alias (v)

†† make sure that everything is standing right in the middle, this for the frame later who has get around.

†† leave your name select.


6. now we go to effects / 3D effects / drop shadow with these settings:


vertical: 1 ††††††††††††††opacity:80

horizontal:1††††††††††† blur:10

color: black


††† then ok, go to selections / select none


7. now you go to image / picture frame now you chose for heelal

††† then you chose frame outside of the image and ok

††† now you have a frame around your work


8. Open the tube: ks_cinderella_8 and make the tube layer active,

††† make him smaler when this is necessary . to do this you go to image / resize and fill in

†††† pixel dimensions +- 50 this depends on your tube sizes . make sure it stands on percent

†††† make also shore that resize all layers is (v)


9. now go to edit / copy,

††† make your frame active and edit / paste as new layer then place your tube at the bottom,

†† on a place you like.


††† You can give your tube a drop shadow if you like


10. put your background on #3A4B86 and go to: image / add borders

†††† symmetrisch (v) set everything on 5.

11. activate and select the frame you have just made

†††† then go to effects / 3D effects /outer bevel with this settings:

††††† for bevel you chose the fourth one, start counting from left .nr4


width :3†††† †††††††††smoothness:15

depth :18 †††††††ambience :Ė30

shininess:0†††† †††††color wit

angle: 349††††† ††††intensity :50

elevation 50


12. Go to selections / select none

†††† donít forget your watermark and save in jpg

††† if you wish to use this lesson in your groups, then please let me know in a mail thx J

†† ††

††lots off fun whit this lesson

†††† Greetings Twinkel J