Cunningham Equation


mass kg

fat% %
(xx is your fat%)

FM kg

Fatfree mass
FFM kg

Resting Metabolic Rate
RMR kcal

If you eat a moderate protein diet your factor will be 0.10

2. factor
(roughly 1g/lb of body weight), for a high protein diet your factor
Thermic Effect of Food
TEF kcal will be 0.15 (roughly 1.5 g/lb of body weight) .

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis 3. NEAT <------------ 1.2- 1.3 for bed- or chair-ridden individuals

RMR+NEAT kcal 1.4- 1.5 for sedentary occupation without daily movement

1.5- 1.6 for sedentary occupation with daily movement

(this is how much you need on a no-sport day)

RMR+N+TEF kcal 1.6- 1.7 for occupation with prolonged standing

1.9-2.1 for strenuous work

duration fract h (how many hours, or less, of exercise, in fractions of hours) e.g. 0.75 for 45 minutes
Methabolic effect of training
MET <------------ For intense free weight lifting the Metabolic Effect of Training (MET)
Exercise Related Activity Thermogenesis
ERAT kcal is 6.

Food energy required 4.
kcal (in MegaJoule:) (in kWh:) kWh