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The _o_ceans project is an experimental pc language, (at this point) meant for back-transpiling into CA-Clipper - although the language differs from Clipper alot (or from xBase in general), since introducing more and more C++/# syntactical language elements, after transpilation it is a genuine CA-Clipper .prg source file, to be linked against a runtime, designed for _o_ceans, but also strict Clipper compatible (combined with the Class(y) OO extension library).  The resulting .exe is bound to 16bit DOS, but can be run in Windows (32bit) NTVDM, on top of any Windows (32/64bit) using DOSBox or in any Virtual Machine running a DOS session (Oracle's VM VirtualBox or VMware's VMware Player .oO amazingly fast with Intel VT-x or AMD-V enabled).  Emphasis is not on the created executables however, but on the language design, as well as on the fully OO redesigned Clipper runtime.  Feel free to have a look at the documentation below.  A glimpse of an _o_ceans' source code file can be seen here. This is Clipper!  The downloadable preview below, as well as the virtual disks for use with VM's contain variants to a few demonstration programs, both for text mode and graphics mode (from the same sources).  A screenshot, when run under DOSBox in Windows XP can be seen here or in TameDos here or in vDos here or in vDosPlus here.

2017-11-17  latest news
2017-10-09  _o_ceans has reached build 76 ( best build ever :-)
2016-05-31  _o_ceans new gfx group of client/server logoi (implementation/interface as in Java) is functional (proof of concept)
2016-03-22  "... Where the real countries are. Not boundaries drawn on maps with the names of powerful men ... to walk in such a place with you. With friends, on an earth without maps ..."
2016-02-13  _o_ceans has reached version 0.1.9 - the new build number is 72
2015-06-03  _o_ceans client projects (end-apps) link automatically, no manual scripting is required (proof of concept)
2015-05-19  _o_ceans has separated the rdd subsystem from general CA-Clipper - not using any rdd (now in their own namespaces) results in smaller .exe sizes; the (new) rdd subsystem seamlessly integrates both internal and external architectures
2014-11-15  _o_ceans interface client/server (smallest) feature (logoi only), exchangeable with normal logoi usage (fastest) or with legacy conforming translation (compatibility) _without source code change_ is fully implemented
2014-01-21  _o_ceans builds alright on Windows 7 (32bit)
2013-11-05  and ... it's alive! CA-Clipper - _o_ceans - executables ready to run out-of-the-(dos)box (tested on Cherry Mobility Android 4.1 Tablet with DosBox Turbo) both gfx/txt mode with CA-Clipper 5.2e/5.3b
2013-10-06  more news to expect for the android platform with DosBox Turbo ...


2017-11-17  updated  28.785.526 _o_ceans.zip _o_ceans for CA-Clipper 0.1.9 docs-only - for use with Dave Pearson's Windows Expert Guide (WEG) and/or any HTML browser
2017-11-17  updated  92.609.325 _o_ceans.zip _o_ceans for CA-Clipper 0.1.9 docs _and_ demo of ported latest BroPLUS and Quik TBrowse Pro to run within a vDos session
2017-11-17 updated  93.396.721 _o_ceans.zip _o_ceans for CA-Clipper 0.1.9 docs _and_ demo of ported latest BroPLUS and Quik TBrowse Pro to run within a TameDos or vDosPlus session (allowing for dynamic screen dimension and font changes)

browsing the documentation online:

2017-11-17 updated diving a little deeper .oO please, use your browser's refresh button (commonly F5)

testing the executables offline:

Virtual disk (MS-DOS 6.22 installed) containing a few _o_ceans demo executables, out-of-the-box ready to test-run - pre-configured for azerty keyboards (change autoexec.bat to your needs)

2017-11-17 updated 254.208.554 _o_ceans.ova.7z to combine with Oracle's VM VirtualBox Virtual Appliance OVF 1.0 format - with full 0.1.9 _o_aware repository structure, full debug sources included
2017-11-17 updated 117.090.929 _o_ceans.vmx.7z to combine with VMware's VMware Player with full 0.1.9 _o_aware repository structure, full debug sources included

Use latest http://www.7-zip.org to unpack (or use WinRAR) - The latter image may be used with qemu and bochs as well

useful links:
                              Where to get CA-Clipper http://www.grafxsoft.com
                                  The Harbour Project http://www.harbour-project.org
                                      Home of Xbase++ http://www.alaska-software.com
                                  Harbour Qt Projects http://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/qtcontribs
                             Great CA-Clipper Add-Ons http://www.extrasensory.com
Run widescreen CA-Clipper programs in windows (32bit) http://www.tamedos.com
        Run CA-Clipper programs in Windows (32/64bit) http://www.vdos.info
 vDosPlus [vDos with LFN support and more] (32/64bit) http://www.vdosplus.org

Thank you for visiting, lohen - contact: lohen@users.sourceforge.net

Usenet is no longer supported by my ISP, hence no longer updates for these newsgroups; the clc one is not complete anyway (no msg from before 200106), they'll be kept here a bit longer for reference. Still Google's are advised as a replacement, unless someone cares to keep these archives updated (and complete) upon notice.  Thanks!

2017-03-20 updated  23.422.285 comp.lang.clipper.zip
2017-03-20 updated  96.969.695 comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects.zip
2017-03-20 updated  21.152.310 comp.lang.xharbour.zip