The studio recordings made in march 2006 at the S.A.E. in Brussels (and sverely remixed by Stefan)

New War
Tough Guy

Some songs of the old demo, all DIY recordings in our rehearsal room with a simple 4-track.

B.U.S.H. (Bomb us sky high)
Law and order
Better Late

Nastika (basically sanscrete for atheist) is the rebirth of the antwerp hardcore band "Ablaze" which was founded late 90's by Yves and Stefan, who met in high school. At first the band included Siska on bass and Jos (now funeral dress) on drums, but both were later replaced by Peter and Menno who used to be in a metal band called "Drowning". Currently we are dropping a lot of old songs (including the purist and law and order) to move on to more modern hardcore, but never less varied sounds. We hope you enjoy our music.

Spirit of resentment (no vocals)