1. Hoe surf ik op de website van Abyss?
  2. Waar vind ik de muziek van Abyss?
  3. Ik kan de muziek bestanden of video's niet beluisteren, wat doe ik verkeerd?

Hoe surf ik op de website van Abyss?

An de linkerkant van elke pagina staan er links, klik op die links om te navigeren door de website. de linkknoppen komen op elk pagina voor (het is dus zeer gemakkelijk om te navigeren, je zult niet verloren lopen :-) 

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Waar vind ik de muziek van Abyss?

you can find our music on the music and video's page (simply click on the button Music). On this page you will see a list with songs, to listen to these songs you need to have real player from RealAudio installed on your PC. to download this player you can simply click on the link real player and you will go to the website of RealAudio, when you are there click on the link in the left down corner (displaying free player) and you can download the free real player (after completing a little info) when you have finished downloading you must install the software and then you can enjoy the abyss music, go to the our music page and click on a song, real player will automatically start and the selected song will begin to play as soon as the audio is buffered (a little bit of data is downloaded, enough to start playing). this also applies for movies on the video clips pages where you can see a small selection from our gigs, enjoy

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I can't hear or view the music or video samples, what am I doing wrong?

If you want to listen to the samples or view the video clips you need to have the Real player installed on your computer. without this program your PC will not recognize the file type and will refuse to play them. you can get this player for free at the real player website, just click on the button real player 7.0 free or follow this link and follow the onscreen commands, when the program is installed go back to the music and video's site and try again, now you will enjoy the music or video clips from abyss (if it still doesn't work don't wait to contact me, I will help you get started )


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