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Kino Plus Plug-in

This plug-in provides a random selection of additional functionality to the kino application.


kinoplus-0.2.0.tar.gz - Introduces WYSIWYG stuff...
kinoplus-0.2.1.tar.gz - Corrects g++ 3.2 compilation issues (I hope)
kinoplus-0.2.2.tar.gz - Corrects redhat 8 compilation

NB: Earlier versions are now removed and kino 0.51 is no longer supported.


Apart from kino 0.6, the ImageMagick effects need the ImageMagick 'convert' utility installed. This can be obtained from here. It's not required for installation and the remainder of the functionality is accessible without it.


The current bundle provides the following functionality:

Terse On-line Help


To avoid ugly window resizing as you move from effect to effect, choose a 100% view.


This is a bit of fun - in its current form, it provides various kinds of fly in and out transitions.

By default, an effect which scales the following frames in the center of the current frames is provided. To define a new key frame, use the position scale at the top and press the Key button. To move between key frames, use the < and > buttons. To remove a key frame, move to the frame and click on the key button again - you cannot remove the 0th key frame. All pixel sizes and positions are expressed in terms of percentages. Pixel positions are relative to the center of the image. Throughout the effect, you can specify how the image is rotated.

In the current releases, lumas are supported - this basically allows you to dictate how much of the b-frames are visible at each point in the transition (so you can effectively define the shape of these frames). Code borrows heavily from logic of the timfx luma transition (and encompasses that effect, albeit not as nicely nor as efficiently).

Optionally, you can choose to reveal the following frames partially, rather than as a rescaling operation.

Screen shot:

Strip #1 - tweenie definition as alluded to in the screen shot above, oval luma with a rotation of 180 degrees on the 0th keyframe:

Strip #2 - same tweenie definition with effect reversed:

Pan and Zoom

Filter to allow you to pan and zoom around the video - key frame definition and usage is similar to the Tweenies.

Results from here are greatly enhanced by running the results through the timfx Blur filter.


I like this effect, though your mileage will vary drastically depending on what you provide as input. Vaguely reminiscent of 80s pop videos from Aha and Dire Straits...

Original - chosen because my kid is cuter than me...
After a charcoal rendering of 2
After a charcoal rendering of 5

With thanks and apologies to Peter Mattis (author of the Gimp Edge Detection filter).


Standard 'oh why do they bother producing this effect??' effect. Not very useful and just tends to uglify video... added 'cos no one else had volunteered it...

Jerky Video Filter

Kind of useless filter that jerks the images by duplicating and dropping - you can specify how many frames are dropped. A value of 4 means that the first frame of the four is duplicated four times and the other 3 are dropped.

Multiple Image Import

This creator allows you to load a directory containing images as a scene in your project.

You can choose to stipulate if the aspect ratio of the original images is honoured or not. You can also specify the number of times each image is repeated.

If you want to change the selection, then change the selected items - note that the order in which you select them also dictates the order in which they're included in your project. The default selection has an alpha numeric sort order.

ImageMagick Titler

If you have a few months and very fast machine, you might want to try adding titles via this filter. On the other hand, by the time you've completed your video, there will probably be a better way of doing it... hmmm... mebbe...

ImageMagick Overlay

Redundant still image overlay. Will be dropped soon since the Tweenies effect supercedes it.

Blue Chroma Key

Place holder for Mads chroma key transition.


The original intentention of the kinoplus plug-in was to act as carrier bag for various things which didn't come up to scratch for inclusion in kino proper and would/will be rewritten properly further down the line. These legacy fx are made available for anyone who really needs the functionality in the short term, but the feature list will change from release to release...

Currently, it's a playground for me to experiment with custom GUI widgets and timemaps which are designed to provide greater control over the effects.