Rugen is a by product of some general investigations into GTK+ 2.0 and MLT. I've made it available here in case anyone is interested.

This application is a client to the MLT Miracle server. It can be used as yet another example of how to use the Valerie client API.

Screen Shots

For the curious...

This screen shot shows a client connecting to a miracle server.

This shows the Units page in use - reports all connected units and allows the selection of the unit for use in the other pages.

Notice the transport and trim controls here.

The transport is available on all screens and can be used anywhere. There are keyboard short cuts to all the functions available with ctrl-0 mapping to returning to frame 0 of the current clip and ctrl-1 through ctrl-9 controlling the playback and state - ctrl-5 being normal playback). You can use the shortcuts at any point.

The trim control are currently mouse controlled only. You can use the top slide to change the current position and you can use the lower slides to control the in and out positions respectively.

When a non-seekable is currently loaded, these controls are disabled.

This shows the Clips page in use - from here you can navigate the directory structure made available from the miracle server and manipulate the playlist.

The Shell page allows a user to directly access the DVCP protocol. Typing HELP here will show a summary of the commands available.


You can find the latest release here.


To install, run the following commands:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ su -c "make install"

To run the application after installation:

$ rugen